Static variables

staticread onlylanguage:String

The IS0 639 system current language identifier.

staticread onlyrefreshRate:Int

staticread onlysystemId:String

staticread onlytime:Float

staticread onlytitle:String

staticread onlyvsync:Bool

Static methods

staticcanSwitchFullscreen ():Bool

staticchangeResolution (width:Int, height:Int):Void

staticexitFullscreen ():Void

staticinit (options:OldSystemOptions, callback:Void ‑> Void):Void

staticisFullscreen ():Bool

staticloadUrl (url:String):Void

staticnotifyOnApplicationState (foregroundListener:Void ‑> Void, resumeListener:Void ‑> Void, pauseListener:Void ‑> Void, backgroundListener:Void ‑> Void, shutdownListener:Void ‑> Void):Void

staticnotifyOnCutCopyPaste (cutListener:Void ‑> String, copyListener:Void ‑> String, pasteListener:String ‑> Void):Void

staticnotifyOnDropFiles (dropFilesListener:String ‑> Void):Void

staticnotifyOnFrames (listener:Array<Framebuffer> ‑> Void):Void

The provided listener is called when new framebuffers are ready for rendering into. Each framebuffer corresponds to the kha.Window of the same index, single-window applications always receive an array of only one framebuffer.



The callback to add

staticnotifyOnFullscreenChange (func:Void ‑> Void, error:Void ‑> Void):Void

staticnotifyOnRender (listener:Framebuffer ‑> Void, id:Int = 0):Void

staticremoveFramesListener (listener:Array<Framebuffer> ‑> Void):Void

Removes a previously set frames listener.



The callback to remove

staticremoveFullscreenListener (func:Void ‑> Void, error:Void ‑> Void):Void

staticrequestFullscreen ():Void

staticrequestShutdown ():Void

staticscreenDpi ():Int

staticstart (options:SystemOptions, callback:Window ‑> Void):Void

staticstop ():Bool

Schedules the application to stop as soon as possible. This is not possible on all targets.


Returns true if the application can be stopped

staticwindowHeight (window:Int = 0):Int

staticwindowWidth (window:Int = 0):Int